Your website is your shop front & first impressions count.


Whether your aim is to drive sales, educate visitors about your services or build your online presence, well-written copy combined with a user-friendly site, is a must. You need to keep visitors engaged & persuade them to take action at certain points.


While you may think it’s a cost-effective option to write the copy yourself, can you confidently say that it’s creating the right results for your business?


ES Editorial works directly with businesses, brands & organisations, as well as digital agencies, to produce compelling content for a range of subjects. The copy is always original, tailored to the brief & with clear call to actions. It also includes smart SEO practices to boost your page up the search rankings.


By outsourcing your written content to someone outside of your business, all the ‘fluff’ (the information you think is important!) is removed. Remember, your audience don’t necessarily want to engage with the same content as you do.

To discuss how your website could benefit from clever copy, please get in touch.