Your website is your shop front & first impressions count. If your website is in need of some TLC or you’re in the process of launching a new one, the copy must be written in such a way that it keeps visitors engaged & persuades them to take action.

Whether you’re looking to drive sales, educate visitors about your services or build your online presence, well-written & engaging copy will help you to achieve your goal(s).

While you may think it’s a cost-effective option to write the copy yourself, can you confidently say that it’s creating the right results? ES Editorial works directly with businesses, brands & organisations, as well as digital agencies, to produce compelling content for a range of subjects. The copy is always original & tailored to each client’s brief with a clear call to action.

Another benefit to outsourcing the creation of your website copy to someone who isn’t directly involved in your business or organisation is that we have an outside perspective on what’s relevant & interesting to the reader. We get rid of the ‘fluff’ and only include information imperative to the success of your website.

For an audit of your current content or to chat about your copy requirements, please get in touch.